2016-10-14 | Drama, Thriller | PG-13

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Synopsis: The story is inspired by true events. The main character, James Stevens, after losing his wife and daughter, is unable to hold a steady job and agrees to drive a box truck across the country with no questions asked, then discovers that he is actually “delivering” two girls as part of a human trafficking ring. Stevens then must decide what to do and how to fight to shut down a trafficking ring.

Certification: PG-13

Genre(s): Drama, Thriller

Director(s): Ben Smallbone

Producer(s): Steve Barnett, David Smallbone, Luke Smallbone, Cubbie Fink, Garrett Rutherford

Starring: Joel Smallbone, Bianca Santos, Amber Midthunder, Jim Parrack, David Koechner, Sarah Minnich, Jodi Lynn Thomas, Travis Hammer

Story by: Chris Dowling, Tyler Poelle, Joel Smallbone, Luke Smallbone

Edited by: Ben Smallbone, Joel Smallbone

Cinematography: Daniel Stilling

Music by: For King & Country, I Was the Lion

Banner / Studio: Radiate Films

Distributed by: Roadside Attractions

Language(s): English

Country: United States

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